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Automotive Toolzone

Automotive Toolzone

IMI has teamed up with Automotive Tool Zone to offer IMI candidates and Approved Centres 10% discount on their products.

Automotive ToolZone

IMI have teamed with Automotive Tool Zone, part of the Apprentice Zone Group to offer all IMI Candidates and Approved Centres an additional 10% discount against all products.

With this discount being in addition to their already highly competitive prices, this exclusive offer provides a great opportunity to purchase professionals tools and workshop equipment.


Start saving now by registering your details on the Automotive Tool Zone website.  You must include your candidate or centre number.

If you can't find what you are looking for, just send them a quick not with the product information and let them provide a free quotation. 

  Are discounts available to anyone?

Their site already offers huge savings for the industry - IMI Candidates and Centres qualify for a further 10% by registering with their allocated candidate number.

   I'm not an apprentice, do I still qualify for the discount?

Yes - any technician with an IMI Awards candidate number can access the additional 10% discount.

   Can IMI Centres based overseas (outside of the UK) still benefit from this exclusive discount?

Yes - simply contact them, stating your requirements, and they will quote for the additional postage costs.

   Why are their prices so competitive?

Due to Automotive Tool Zone being part of the Apprentice Zone Ltd.Group, they have established great working relationships with many of the Automotive manufacturers. As a result, their tool and equipment suppliers work very closely with them to help bring fantastic discounts and savings to their customers.