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Your chance to promote the Motor Industry on BBC!

We have a unique opportunity for you and your apprentices to get involved in bringing awareness to the Motor Industry!

The BBC have commissioned a series of engaging e-learning videos to support Functional Maths for over 16’s in Levels 1 and 2. They are specifically looking for the videos to be created around the automotive industry and to be set in real work settings; following junior employees in scenarios where they use their maths skills in their everyday work eg time, money, stock, ratios of liquids, weight, recording and converting measurements etc.


    1. BBC are looking for people aged between 16-24 to feature in the videos
    2. The ideal locations are:
         • Bristol
         • Birmingham
         • Cardiff
         • London
    3. The staring apprentices don’t have to be qualified in maths, if anything it’d be great if they’re not and are slightly unconfident in the subject. It’s still fine if they are highly qualified in maths but the role they are employed in can’t officially require that qualification
    4. Filming will take place between 9th and 28th of January across the country

IMI really see the value in supporting the production of these films as they will promote our industry as well as be a free, reputable resources open to all on the BBC Bitesize website. They will make for a fantastic resource for apprentices, trainers and college tutors. Hopefully they will support young employees for a long time to come.

The production team are on a tight deadline as there is a large process involved. Because of this it would be great to get in contact with them ASAP!

If you or some of your students are interested or just want some more information please contact Catherine Robinson who is the Assistant Producer at Factory Films, who are producing the videos for BBC.

Catherine Robinson
07861 305866
01273 646456