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What’s next for Outstanding Achievers Award winner Jason Ratcliffe
PUBLISHED: 06/01/2015 | UPDATED:05/01/2015 16:13:00
After winning the sought-after Light Vehicle award at this year’s Outstanding Achievers Awards, Jason Ratcliffe continues to work and study for his Level 3 Apprenticeship at Rybrook Volvo. This is where he carries out the competence work-based units of his apprenticeship, including working on customer vehicles and fixing real technical problems.

Describing himself as a disciplined, self motivated and dedicated individual, Jason believes his experience at both the Cheshire Army Cadets and his apprenticeship with Volvo have made him determined to learn a lifelong skill.

Since working at Volvo, Jason narrowly missed out on the award for ‘1st Year Apprentice of the Year’, and he believes this made him determined to carry on and aim to achieve it the following year.

Applying more energy into his work and study time, as well as working alongside his trainers, enabled Jason to stand out from the crowd. In March 2014, Jason was recognised for his hard work and was awarded Volvo’s ‘2nd Year Apprentice of the Year’, held at Chicheley Hall, Buckinghamshire. In addition, training in the Cadets where he won ‘The Best Cadet Award’, when undertaking his Senior Cadet Instructor Course (SCIC).

Jason believes his motivation comes from his desire to learn, which in turn allows him to use the knowledge and techniques in practise. Since Jason has a passion for both learning and teaching, it enables him to test his own knowledge and ability to relay information and techniques in his own way.

Richard Pearce, Volvo’s Trainer and Assessor, said, “Knowing Jason as I do I feel he is a real example of the type of apprentice any business would value and long to employ. He is a conscientious young man who has a real understanding of how others feel and can always adapt his behaviour to suit. He never forgets that there is a customer behind every car and performs his role with great dignity and respect for the customers he serves and the team he works with.”

Outside of his day to day job in the motor industry, Jason has two hobbies which include Chun Kung-Fu and Muay Thai kick boxing; these classes give Jason the chance to socialise with individuals who all share the same interest, as well as expanding his fitness and self defence techniques.

When asked what advice he’d give to anyone looking for a career in the motor industry, Jason said, “My advice would be to go in with an open mind and learn as much as possible from everyone and extrapolate key things you finds work in your advantage and use it. Make friends, be a team player and help others – in turn let them help you.”

After completing his apprenticeship with Volvo next year, Jason feels the skills he’s learnt from both Volvo and Army Cadets will lead him onto great opportunities.