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IMI Skill Auto: A judges perspective…
PUBLISHED: 05/01/2015 | UPDATED:09/01/2015 11:24:50
Having worked in the motor industry for 30 years David Taylor, who loves to be active and outdoors, has a strong background of training apprentices, and repairing vehicle body and paint damage.

In 2012, David was contacted by Davie Massie, IMI Competition Manager, as his skills and experience made him standout as an ideal person to take part as a judge at the biggest young, automotive skills event of the year.

When beginning his time as a judge, David explained how he found it incredibly hard as his natural instinct was to help and advice competitors that may have been struggling with the tasks given.

David went onto say, “The Skills Show expands year on year with more than 70,000 visitors attending each year. This ranges from primary school learners to college leavers looking for a career in the motor industry, and it’s vital for those students to see the opportunities available within the motor industry.”

Each year the level of talent increases at IMI Skill Auto, and David described it as “awe-inspiring”. As a respected judge, David was astounded by the quality of work that was produced, involving complex techniques and advanced product knowledge. From the competitor’s performances this year, David explained how he felt the outlook of the vehicle repair industry is incredibly bright and believes the continued level of excellence has applied more pressure to the judges to develop tasks – which in turn raises the bar even further at IMI Skill Auto.

IMI Skill Auto, part of The Skills Show, begins the search for automotive excellence 2015 in February. To get involved as a competitor please contact Davie Massie.