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IMI Accreditation Vehicle Damage Assessor

This Accreditation is being updated AND WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR REGISTRATION IN NOVEMEBER 2019. 
the new documents are attached (New) underneath the old documents. 

the old accreditation will still be available FOR REGISTRATION until 8TH November 2019.

Who is the VDA route for?

The IMI Accreditation Vehicle Damage Assessor (VDA) route is intended for individuals whose job role involves the estimating of vehicle damage repairs which are involved in accidents or similar incident circumstances.

There is one level of job role within IMI Accreditation VDA, these are: -

  • The individual should be working in the accident repair sector of the industry and have at least three years experience to ensure they are familiar with the skills, knowledge and techniques required to determine the vehicle damage, identify the correct safe repair method to return the vehicle back to its pre accident condition.

Click for the full overview document for this route