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L2 Diploma in Work-based Land-based Engineering Operations

Who is it suitable for?

The VCQ is for individuals who work in job roles such as sports ground care technicians and service technicians. These technicians will keep equipment and machinery in good working order through planned maintenance, as well as diagnosing and repairing as required.

For some individuals, this qualification could provide a useful recognition of their professional competence, to aid their step from one job role to another, e.g. moving into supervisory roles. For others, it could prepare them for progression to further learning and training.


There are four work-based competence pathways:

  • Agricultural Machinery: includes tractors, harvest, cultivation and crop protection machinery
  • Arboriculture/Forestry Machinery: includes chainsaws and chippers
  • Ground Care Machinery: includes garden, sports turf and local grounds maintenance machinery
  • Fixed Plant Machinery: includes grain/crop processing and milking equipment.

This qualification forms the competence component of LANTRA SSC Intermediate Apprenticeship (L2). The LANTRA apprenticeships seek to fill skills gaps identified by the land-based engineering sector, including technical knowledge, computer literacy, customer care and basic technical skills.

To be awarded this qualification, learners must demonstrate that they are able to perform their job competently.


For some learners this qualification could prepare them for progression to further learning and training. For others, this qualification could also provide a useful recognition of their practical skills and knowledge, to aid their step from one job role to another.


Learners are required to produce evidence of their occupational competence which is their ability to use all their skills and knowledge to complete tasks effectively. The qualification also incorporates online testing and written assessments to demonstrate the learner's knowledge and understanding of the subject.

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