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L2 Diploma in Land-based Technology

Who is it suitable for?

This Level 2 vocationally related qualification is for individuals who wish to work in job roles such as sports ground care technicians and service technicians.


The qualification's combination of units provides learners with the flexibility to choose areas which interest them. Therefore learners have the option to develop their knowledge of:

  • health and safety
  • applying mechanical principles
  • using, servicing and maintaining tools and equipment
  • material preparation, shaping and assembling
  • servicing and maintenance of land-based equipment
  • performing thermal joining and cutting processes
  • servicing and repairing cooling and lubrication systems
  • servicing and repairing engines and components
  • servicing and repairing clutches, fluid flywheels and torque convertors
  • servicing and repairing mechanical transmissions
  • servicing and repairing braking systems
  • servicing and repairing wheeled and tracked steering systems
  • servicing and repairing tyres and tracks
  • servicing and repairing cutting and mowing equipment
  • servicing and repairing harvesting and processing equipment
  • servicing and repairing soil preparation and plant establishment equipment
  • servicing and repairing transport handling and storage equipment
  • servicing and repairing pneumatic systems and components
  • servicing and repairing electrical systems and components
  • servicing and repairing hydraulic systems and components
  • maintaining and developing personal performance
  • establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with others
  • using calculations
  • undertaking work related experience in the land-based industries
  • environmental and land-based business
  • introduction to land-based workshop practice
  • introduction to land-based machinery operations


The achievement of the IMI Level 2 Diploma in Land-based Technology meets the LANTRA entry requirement for the Advanced Apprenticeship for Land-based Engineering.


This qualification includes a practical approach to assessment. It also uses online tests and written assessments to ensure the learner's knowledge and understanding.

Want to know more?

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