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L2 Diploma in Bus and Coach Engineering and Maintenance (Electrical)

Who is it suitable for?

This work-based NVQ is a motor industry qualification that covers activities that relate to bus and coach service maintenance technicians. It assesses the skills and knowledge that technicians working within this area need to perform their job role effectively.


The qualification includes the identification, location and rectification of electrical faults in bus/coach systems and components. Other skills that may be required include:

  • using hand tools and equipment for engineering and maintenance
  • servicing
  • identification, location and rectification of mechanical faults in bus/coach systems and components
  • identification, location and rectification of electrical faults in bus/coach systems and components
  • thermal joining
  • bus/coach inspection
  • routine assembly of body components
  • identification of bus/coach body damage and recommend suitable repair techniques
  • roadside assistance for broken down buses/coaches
  • drive the bus/coach for testing and vehicle recovery

Successful learners will demonstrate a broad working knowledge and understanding of health and safety in the workplace and other skills associated with working in garages and maintenance depots.


For some learners this qualification could prepare them for progression to further learning and training. For others, this qualification could also provide a useful recognition of their practical skills and knowledge, to aid their step from one job role to another.


Learners will demonstrate their skills and knowledge by collecting evidence of their work. This evidence is usually presented in a portfolio (however your approved centre may use an alternative method). The assessor will advise learners how to generate, collect and present their evidence.

Please note: These NVQs are NOT assessed using IMI set online (knowledge) tests

Want to know more?

Please contact an IMI approved centre.


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