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New IMI Entry Level 3 and Level 1 Qualifications

We are pleased to announce that we have new Entry Level 3 and Level 1 qualifications to offer the sector.

Entry Level 3

The new Entry Level 3 qualifications are live and ready for use. These newly formed qualifications replace the existing Entry Level 3 qualifications available. They offer a greater choice of units, with a far more flexible approach to learning, and a reduction in the amount of paperwork for assessors.

There will also be a range of personal and social development (PSD) units included, providing learners with knowledge-based learning and preparatory information for their assessments. The new Entry Level 3 qualifications contain an increased number of Accident Repair units, particularly across Body and Paint, in response to developmental feedback.

Level 1

The new Transport Maintenance, Accident Repair and SMART Repair Level 1 qualifications are now live. The newly formed Level 1 qualifications replace the existing ones currently in use. In line with the feedback we have received, the new qualifications have a far greater choice of units, allowing a more flexible approach for learners in the areas they are most interested in.

The new qualifications also reduce the amount of paperwork required by assessors, in response to feedback we have received.

Our Transport Maintenance qualifications:

  • L1 Award in Transport Maintenance
  • L1 Certificate in Transport Maintenance - Pathways: Generic and Cycle
  • L1 Certificate in Vehicle Valeting
  • L1 Diploma in Transport Maintenance – Pathways: Generic, Heavy Vehicle, Light Vehicle and Motorcycle

Our Vehicle Accident Repair qualifications:

  • L1 Award in Vehicle Accident Repair
  • L1 Certificate in Vehicle Accident Repair
  • L1 Diploma in Vehicle Accident Repair - Pathways: Body, Refinishing and Multi-Skilled
  • L1 Certificate in SMART Repair

If you have any queries about either the new Entry Level 3 or Level 1 qualifications, email or call 01992 511521. We will be happy to assist you.