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19+ Appeal for funding In England- your support is required

There are currently only 21 IMI Awards funded qualifications available in England for 19+ learners in the academic year 2015-16. We are able to submit an appeal, but only with sufficient support and evidence of demand.

Please could we ask you to carefully check the list of funded qualifications located on the right hand side.If you are intending to run qualifications NOT included within this list in the 2015-16 academic year (which involves 19+ learners), please can you provide us with a letter of support using the template located under documents.


Without sufficient evidence of support we will be unable to launch an appeal.

Please note this only applies to 19+ learners outside of apprenticeships. 16-19 learners are not affected, however you should always check funding using the ‘HUB’ at the HM Government website.